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Without meaning to sound better than anyone else, and without intending to say something that is trite, we want you to know that we count on God and his word for our leadership. We believe wholeheartedly that the Bible is God's word, and thus it is the final authority for what we do. In those areas where there is no specific direction, we call diligently upon the Lord for his wisdom. 

       As for human leadership, items dealing with the spiritual welfare of the members are discussed at monthly meetings of the elders. Matters of a general nature come before the elders and deacons at a meeting the same day. These men are selected by the congregation to lead because of their walk with the Lord. You are invited to call upon any of them with problems and questions you may have.


Ryan Gleaves

Mark Grigsby

Kyle Highsmith

George Hubbard

Steve Hudspeth

Bob Norman

Lonnie Portenier

Bruce Rhodes

Dan Watt


Cord Baldwin

Kevin Bell

Chuck Coyne

Chase Fairweather

John Hadley

David Hubbard

Thomas Kamumo

Mark Namestka

Kaleb Smith

Gary Steele

Our congregation is self-governing, with no formal structure beyond the local level. We do have a loose fellowship with other Christian Churches, but are independent of them when it comes to our congregation’s direction.  Such independence does not mean we are independent of God. We know we are nothing without him, so we strive to be ever DEPENDENT on him, constantly seeking his guidance.

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