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      The First Christian Church of Miami began over 125 years ago in 1894, when a group of Christians got together, not just to form another church, but to provide a place for all believers to worship and grow. The desire was to not be Methodist Christians, or Baptist Christians, or Nazarene Christians, or even Christian Church Christians, but to be simply Christians. A phrase they used, and one we still like today is, We are not the only Christians, just Christians only.

       The Church has been associated with what has been called The Restoration Movement, a fellowship of Christians which got its start in the early 1800's. They were not worried about creeds and traditions, but more importantly, they were concerned with what God wanted. The foundation for the Church was to be the Bible. One saying from that Movement was, Where the Bible speaks we speak; where the Bible is silent, we are silent.


       These simple and basic roots have shaped First Christian Church’s purpose.  When we meet, we do so, not just to go through religious motions. We desire deeply to help people advance in the Lord. We study God's word, we praise him with music, and we fellowship with each other, all to let him work in our lives. 


       Each Sunday, we offer the Lord's Supper so that all may have a chance to remember that Jesus died, while they renew their commitment to Him.  As a believer, you are invited to participate in this time with us.


       The entire family is important, and you are welcome to have your children with you in the services. However, we do have both infant and toddler nurseries, with a trusted group of volunteers as well.  Our Children's Ministry also has "children's church" (called "PowerChurch") during each of the morning services.


       Jesus' last words to his followers were, "Tell the whole world about me." Part of that world is here where we live. For those places where we can't go, we're helping others who can. Thirteen percent of our income is directed to missionaries in France, Switzerland, Mexico, and Thailand, and to Christian workers here in the United States.


       God's word says that all people are important to His Church. We've found at First Christian Church that He is right -- each person He sends to us has something valuable to contribute. We know the same would be true of you, so if you decide to become a part of our congregation we anticipate great things as we work together for the Lord.  


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