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We are a FAMILY of believers striving to CONNECT people in our community to Jesus while GROWING together in our personal relationship with Him.


      We do not claim to be the only church in town, but if God leads you to us, we will do our best to help you.  You may be lonely and looking for a friendly face.  You may be facing problems and have no answers.  You may be wanting peace inside and need to let God give you direction.  We personally don't have the solutions, but God does, and we will pair up with you to ask Him for his practical guidance.
      If right now, you need a spiritual hospital, we will call upon the Great Physician for you. When you're better, we invite you to join us as a spiritual nurse or doctor, and bring healing to others.  
      We thank God for our members, leaders and staff.   We offer you outstanding programs for your kids, both small and big.  You'll make new friends who will walk with you in your crazy world.  You can enjoy times of study and worship, both in the main services, and also in the smaller settings of a classroom.

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